segunda-feira, 6 de maio de 2013

At the age of five ...

When I was five years old, I was completely different, physically and psychologically.
My hair was very, very long, wavy and brown. My eyes still brown, but a bit more dark. My face was rounder and brown. I had very cute dimples. I was tall and slim. I had and I still have a scar on the forehead.
I was more impatient, lazy and shy, but more attentive and sweet.
I went to the kindergarten every day and I stayed there all day.
In the evening, I went  home and I played, talked and had dinner with my parents.
At the weekend, I never stayed at home. I went to the dance on Saturdays morning. In the afternoon I went to the park, or a party, or a friend´s home. On Sunday morning, I went to my grandma´s house and I had lunch there. In the afternoon, I walked to a lot of  places …
My favourite colour was pink.
My favourite food was lasagne.
My favourite hobby was dancing.
I was very happy at that age!

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