terça-feira, 24 de junho de 2014

My dream house

My dream house has: two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a study, an attic, a game room, a Jacuzzi and an inner pool. The garden has a swimming pool and flower beds. My house has five windows, two dormer windows on the roof. My favourite room is the game room. My house is in New York.

Vitor Carvalho - 7ºA

My dream house

My dream house is located in New York, because it’s a beautiful city. 
It is in the town center, in a very lively area.
There are three floors and thirteen rooms. The rooms are: three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a dining room, two studies, a playroom, a gymnasium and a library.
But it has a garden too, with lots of flower beds and trees, a swimming- pool, a small fun park and a garage.
It’s a modern house. The walls are beige and the roof is orange or red.

This is my dream house … 
Bruna Soares, nº4  7ºA

My dream house

       My dream house is white and modern, near the beach in a tropical island in South America.
          It has  a kitchen, two bathrooms, a study room, four bedrooms, one for guests, a dining room, a living room with a giant plasma TV. It doesn't have a pool but there is a large garden to play football with my friends.

João Ámen, 7ºA


My Dream House is like…a dream house!
It’s big and it’s in the mountains. I really like the mountains because the air is pure and fresh.
The walls are pink and the gates are green.

It has 2 flats and 15 rooms. It also has a garden with a lot of flowers and trees and a swimming pool.  There are 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a gym, a big living room, a kitchen, a music room with a black piano, because I want to be a piano girl, when I grow up, a study, a garage, an attic, a basement and a panic room. The windows have  shutters.

Leonor Barbosa - 7ºA


      My dream house is in the center of Chicago, Illinois, near a park and in a busy street.
    There are ten rooms: two bedrooms, a big kitchen, two bathrooms,  a beautiful living room, a large dining room, a pantry, a computer room, a museum about FC.Porto and a big room with videogames. My dream house has two floors.
     It has a swimming pool and a garden with different trees.
    It´s a modern style house and I would like to have a black and white house.

   That´s my dream house.

José Nóvoa - 7ºA

My aunt

My name is Inês. I am twelve years old. My best friend is Pipa.
Pipa is my aunt. She is fifty years old. She is tall and elegant. Her eyes are green and her hair is short and black. She has got thin lips. She is funny, beautiful and fantastic.
She is from Matosinhos.
Her favourite colour is blue because she likes FCP (Futebol Clube do Porto). She speaks English very well. She likes cats and she has got four cats. Their names are: Ruby, Gaspar, Timon and Nala.
She loves films and music.

Inês Romano Correia Alves,nº11 - 7ºA

My best friend

My best friend is tall. He is 1, 80 meters height. He is slim. His hair is short wavy and blond. His eyes are blue. He has got thin lips and a long face.
He is amusing, attentive, calm, friendly, intelligent, responsible and talkative. He likes football and swimming. He is from Valongo, Portugal . He is a student like me and his favourite subjects are Physical Education and Music. He is like a brother for me. His name is Luís.

Bruna Soares nº 4/7ºA

segunda-feira, 6 de maio de 2013

At the age of seven ...

When I was seven years old I was short and a little fat and my face was round.
My eyes were small and dark brown and my eyebrows were thick and dark.
My nose was big and upturned and my hair was long straight and dark brown.
I was a shy girl but I was also very polite and nice.
I remember that I hated oranges.

                                            Sara Mendes, nº27 - 7ºC

At the age of five …

When I was four years old, I was short and well-built.
My eyes were big and blue and my eyelashes were very long. My nose was small and my face was round and light.
My hair was shoulder-length, wavy and brown. I had a scar in my face and I loved to play in the swing and I hated eating figs.

                                                    Telma Cruz, nº 28 - 7ºC

When I was seven years old

When I was seven years old I was short and thin.
I had short curly brown hair.
I had big brown eyes and a big nose.
I was good- looking.
I used to go to the church and I liked to play with my friends. My favourite games were to play with dolls and with the computer.
When I was seven years old I was a happy girl, looking forward to grow up and meet new friends.

                                                                                                    Inês Martins, nº11 - 7ºC