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Watch this video and learn the vocabulary.

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Complete these sentences with the time prepositions: at, in, on.

1 – Ivan was born ______ July.

2 – I have English ______ Wednesday.

3 – My school begins ______ 8:25 a.m.

4 - _____ the morning we play football and _______ night we stay at home.

5 – Ivan’s mother was born _______ 1965 ______ the 18th of March.

6 - ______ Christmas they have dinner together.

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An exercise

Read the text.

Hi! I’m Jason, I’m 18 and I’m from Australia. I’m a student but at the weekends I play the guitar in a pop group. I live with my parents. I haven’t got any brothers or sisters. I’m very tall and athletic. I have got blue eyes and short wavy fair hair. My legs and my arms are very strong because I play rugby at the university. That’s my favourite sport but I also like tennis. I have many friends at the University but my best friends are Peter and Brenda.

  1. Mark True (T) or False (F).

A - Jason is Australian.
B – He can’t play the guitar.
C – He lives alone.
D – He hasn’t got any brothers or sisters.
E – He’s short but athletic.
F – His favourite sport is tennis.

  1. Answer.

A – Where is Jason from ?
B – Is he a student?
C – Has he got any brothers or sisters?
D – What colour are his eyes?
E – What’s his hair like?
F – What’s his favourite sport?
G – Who are Peter and Brenda?

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A video about "Family"


Watch this video and learn the vocabulary.

Unit 2 - final work

Students have to describe a classmate: physically and psychologically till next Saturday, 14th November.