segunda-feira, 6 de maio de 2013

At the age of seven ...

When I was seven years old I was short and a little fat and my face was round.
My eyes were small and dark brown and my eyebrows were thick and dark.
My nose was big and upturned and my hair was long straight and dark brown.
I was a shy girl but I was also very polite and nice.
I remember that I hated oranges.

                                            Sara Mendes, nº27 - 7ºC

At the age of five …

When I was four years old, I was short and well-built.
My eyes were big and blue and my eyelashes were very long. My nose was small and my face was round and light.
My hair was shoulder-length, wavy and brown. I had a scar in my face and I loved to play in the swing and I hated eating figs.

                                                    Telma Cruz, nº 28 - 7ºC

When I was seven years old

When I was seven years old I was short and thin.
I had short curly brown hair.
I had big brown eyes and a big nose.
I was good- looking.
I used to go to the church and I liked to play with my friends. My favourite games were to play with dolls and with the computer.
When I was seven years old I was a happy girl, looking forward to grow up and meet new friends.

                                                                                                    Inês Martins, nº11 - 7ºC

At the age of three ...

  When I was three years I was thin and my skin was as light as it is today.
  My eyes were big and brown. My nose was small.
  I had freckles.
  I was shy but I am not so much now.
  I was happy and I am still.
  My mother uses to say that I was very difficult to feed. I didn´t like eating…
  I was a very quiet child and normally I wasn´t a troublemaker.
  I learned to speak very early. So, at the age of three I already could speak very fluently.

                                                                                             Andreia Coelho, nº 4 - 7ºC

My five years


When I was five years old, I was tall and I had brown eyes. I had black and very spiky hair. My lips were red. My nose was small.
 I was handsome, intelligent, very friendly, happy, generous, amusing and strong but I was impatient, nosy and talkative. I had a lot of virtues.
When I was a child, I liked to play football and see my team on TV. My brother and I played a lot of games on the PlayStation.
My mother use to say that I was a little devil because I never stopped for a minute.
I was like that at the age of five...

 Ivo Almeida, nº 13 - 7ºC

At the age of four

When I was four years old, my hair was medium length, straight and brown. My eyes were almond-shaped and brown. My face was oval and my skin was light. My nose was small. I was good-looking and tall.
 I was calm, careful, clever, curious, friendly, happy, polite, shy but sociable.
In my free times I usually played with my dolls or watched TV. I didn’t like doing the same thing for a long time.
I think I was a girl like others.

                                                                                   Beatriz Duarte, nº19 - 7ºC 

At the age of five ...

When I was five years old, I was completely different, physically and psychologically.
My hair was very, very long, wavy and brown. My eyes still brown, but a bit more dark. My face was rounder and brown. I had very cute dimples. I was tall and slim. I had and I still have a scar on the forehead.
I was more impatient, lazy and shy, but more attentive and sweet.
I went to the kindergarten every day and I stayed there all day.
In the evening, I went  home and I played, talked and had dinner with my parents.
At the weekend, I never stayed at home. I went to the dance on Saturdays morning. In the afternoon I went to the park, or a party, or a friend´s home. On Sunday morning, I went to my grandma´s house and I had lunch there. In the afternoon, I walked to a lot of  places …
My favourite colour was pink.
My favourite food was lasagne.
My favourite hobby was dancing.
I was very happy at that age!

Joana Ribeiro nº12 7ºC