terça-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2012

What a day!

Hello!! My name is Tiago. I´am eleven years old and I am from Portugal. I am a student and a handball player.
I usually get up at half past seven and I walk my dog Nacy. Then I have a shower and have breakfast with my mother Cristina and my brother Rúben. For breakfast I usually have cereal with milk. After breakfast I brush my teeth and I go to school on foot. I usually have lunch in the school canteen at half past one. I go back home by car twice a week at seven o´clock p.m. Then I play with my dog before dinner and help my mother to prepare dinner. I like soup very much.
After dinner I brush my teeth and I always kiss my mum goodnight and  go to my bed.

                            Tiago – 6ºD

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